How To Make A Manufacturing Order From A Sales Order In Odoo 17 Enterprise?

In Odoo 17 Enterprise, the seamless integration of Odoo Manufacturing and Odoo Manufacturing Order functionalities empowers businesses to efficiently bridge the gap between sales and production. Here's a step-by-step guide to making a manufacturing order from a sales order, ensuring a streamlined workflow for your enterprise.

1. Log into Odoo 17 Enterprise:

Access your Odoo 17 Enterprise account, the hub of comprehensive business management solutions.

2. Navigate to the Sales Module:

Within the intuitive dashboard, head to the Sales module, your central hub for managing customer orders.

3. Create a Sales Order:

Initiate the process by crafting a new sales order. Utilize the "Create" button to input vital details, encompassing customer information, selected products, and corresponding quantities.

4. Verify Product Availability:

Confirm that the products enlisted in the sales order are available in your inventory. Odoo's automated stock check ensures seamless order fulfillment.

5. Confirm the Sales Order:

Upon a thorough review of the sales order details, proceed to confirm it. This action signifies the acknowledgment of the customer's request, preparing it for the subsequent manufacturing stage.

6. Access the Odoo Manufacturing Module:

Navigate to the Manufacturing module within Odoo 17 Enterprise to initiate the production process seamlessly.

7. Generate a Manufacturing Order:

Locate the "Manufacturing Orders" tab and click on "Create Manufacturing Order." Odoo prompts the creation of a new manufacturing order linked directly to the sales order.

8. Input Manufacturing Order Details:

Populate the manufacturing order form with essential details such as the manufacturing product, desired quantity for production, and any pertinent manufacturing-specific information.

9. Save and Confirm Manufacturing Order:

Save the manufacturing order after inputting the required details. Subsequently, confirm the manufacturing order, propelling it to the subsequent stage in the production pipeline.

10. Navigate the Manufacturing Process: -

Progress through the standard manufacturing process steps, which may involve handling work orders, managing the bill of materials, and monitoring the progression of production stages.

11. Complete the Manufacturing Order: -

Once the manufacturing process concludes, mark the manufacturing order as done. This indicates the successful production of the requested products, now ready for delivery.

12. Deliver the Products via Sales Order: -

Return to the sales order, where you'll observe the products associated with the manufacturing order. Confirm the delivery of these products to fulfill the sales order seamlessly.

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