How to Efficiently Manage Product Repairs in Odoo

Repair Management in Odoo streamlines your after-sales service for products. With this Odoo module, you can effortlessly handle the addition, removal, or replacement of defective parts in sold products.

This versatile module enables you to generate quotations or invoices for repair services. In cases where the repair falls under warranty, the process can seamlessly proceed without the need to create an invoice. Tracking the repair status becomes a breeze, and the movement of inventory is automatically adjusted based on repair orders.

Odoo has introduced a dedicated repair app, serving two primary purposes:

1. Repairing Sold Products:

• The repair app facilitates the efficient repair of products that have already been sold to customers.

2. Manufactured Product Repairs:

• It also allows for the repair of products that have been manufactured but require servicing.

Here's an overview of how the Repair Management module operates:

1. Installation:

• The first step involves installing the Repairs Module. This straightforward process sets the foundation for effective repair management.

After successfully installing the Repair Module, you will find a new 'Repairs' menu integrated into your Odoo instance

Manage a Repair Order or Create Repair Order

If your customer encounters an issue with a purchased product and seeks repair services, initiate a new repair order.

Ensure to provide and complete all the necessary information listed below:

• Product to Repair

• Product Quantity

• Customer

• Delivery Address

• Responsible

• Location

• Company: Specify the relevant company, especially in the case of a multi-company scenario.

• Warranty Expiration

• Invoice Method

• No Invoice

• Before Repair

• After Repair

• Tags

Within the context of the Repair order, the process of adding or removing product parts is straightforward. For instance, if a customer has acquired a chair from us and encounters a defect, the Repair order facilitates the seamless removal of the faulty chair component. Subsequently, it allows for the substitution with a new, replacement part, enabling the addition of the new chair component to the Repair Order.

During this transaction, the subtotal will be reflective of the cost associated with the added parts. This ensures a clear and accurate representation of the pricing for the replacement components incorporated into the Repair Order.

In the Odoo Maintenance Module, various invoice methods are available to cater to different scenarios:

1. No Invoice:

This invoice method is ideal for products covered under a warranty period or services provided free of charge. When selecting the "No Invoice" method, the request is processed as follows,

2. Before Invoice:

The "Before Invoice" method is suitable for scenarios where invoicing should occur prior to the completion of the repair or maintenance service.

3. After Invoice:

For situations where invoicing is more appropriately done after the repair or maintenance service has been completed, the "After Invoice" method is the preferred choice.

Upon confirmation of this order, the repair process will commence.

Upon successful completion of the product repair, the corresponding stock movements will be detailed in the "extra info" tab, and the "repaired" option will be automatically marked.

For the "Before Invoice" option, you have the alternative to select the "Before Repair" invoice method. The process unfolds as follows:

1. Create Repair Order Using Option: "Before Repair"

Initiate the repair order by choosing the "Before Repair" option.

2. Confirm Repair

Upon confirming the repair, the system prompts for the creation of an invoice associated with the repair order.

Upon the successful creation of the invoice, you can access it through the Invoice Smart Button. The status will be updated to "READY TO REPAIR," indicating that the repair process is prepared to proceed.

For the "After Invoice" option, you have the flexibility to opt for the "After Repair" invoice method. The request proceeds as follows:

1. Create Repair Order Using Option: "After Repair"

Initiate the repair order by selecting the "After Repair" option, ensuring alignment with the chosen invoice method.

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